Is KidzArt for you?

Running a KidzArt business is really an interesting and rewarding venture.  It provides excellent opportunity to be a true entrepreneur whilst still getting constant support alongside. Our franchise scheme provides you with a well defined territory for you to run a KidzArt Studio where you run all KidzArt classes.

As a franchise owner you will receive business coaching as well as training that will enable you to run your studio according to the KidzArt standard.  You will also be given well guided art curriculums that have been tested and implemented worldwide. KidzArt Curriculum exceeds the US National Standard of Art Education.

Successful FranchiseFor the right person, having a KidzArt business could be the most rewarding decision.  It’s financially and morally rewarding because you are contributing to the goodness of a person.  If you answer yes to all questions below, then most likely you will be a great candidate to own a KidzArt franchise.

  • Have a genuine passion to work with children.
  • Like to have independence of running a business
  • Enjoy socialising with people
  • Like to lead a team and be responsible for their actions.
  • Posses a positive and outgoing attitude
  • Appreciate the importance of creative development.

When ready, please fill in the franchise enquiry form and we’ll be delighted to provide you with more information.


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