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Get the mood right!!

The break is over and the new academic year is about to start in just a few days.   Parents are generally extremely busy during this period of time.  New books, new uniforms, new schools and certainly new pick up and drop offs time.  All these certainly enough to create a stressful week.  However, how about the children?  After all they’re the one who Is going to face the music.

Children certainly also have many different anxieties when starting to new school or even just returning.  Some will be afraid, some will be excited and some will be disappointed because the long play time is over.  All these anxieties create many emotions to children to the extent of creating a new stress in their life.

Art seems to be one of the ways to channel these emotions to something positive and constructive. By doing art related activities like drawing, the mind can be set free.  Children can let go their mind to do something creative and let go their emotions too.  Art has a characteristic to help children to calm their mind, focus and expressive.  It’s really a good way to prepare themselves for the unknown in the first week of schools.

Try to get your children to draw on a media that is not commonly used. For instance, on black or dark coloured paper.  Let them use oil pastel as the colouring media and use the white colour to create the outline.  Let the children express themselves freely in their imagination.  Children can draw something from the nature like flower (Flower in the Night), or something unique like a mask (The Ancient Mask) or even something funny (The Dancing Snowman).  Parents can of course accompany the children the journey of their self exploration. Give them more ideas, situations that trigger their creative minds.  You will find by channelling your children anxiety by creating something positive will help your children excited to face their new academic year.

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